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If you are a current student or recent graduate, we invite you to explore a promising future with us. Whether you are looking to gain practical work experience while still in school or ready to make the transition from college to career, you will work with the best and brightest innovators in the semiconductor industry.


internsGot 12 weeks and want to make an impact? We want you to apply what you have learned, expand your knowledge and benefit from valuable hands-on experience. You will work on projects that impact the business while also exploring potential career choices.


Campus Visits and Recruiting Events

Campus Visits and Recruiting EventsMeet us in person at your college campus! You will have the opportunity to talk to real employees and ask questions about what it is like to work at Lattice.


Recent Graduates

As a recent graduate working for Lattice, we will help you make a successful transition from the classroom to the Lattice Team. With the support and guidance of mentors, we will help you turn your years of study into successful achievements in no time.

How Can Lattice Benefit You:

  • Gain hands-on experience working on projects that impact the business
  • Work directly with other professionals in a team environment and see how Lattice employees work together to deliver success
  • Develop your skills under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals
  • Use our internship program as a gateway to explore job opportunities with Lattice

The Inside Scoop – Here’s what our recent hires have to say:

Recent Hire Andrey

“I like working at Lattice because they support the work/life balance, offer challenging tasks, and opportunities to try different things at work. The culture is nice, people are friendly and always willing to teach.”
-Andrey, 2 years

Recent Hire Guneet

“Lattice offers great opportunities for individual and team learning that help in facing challenges within the industry. It has been an exciting experience working at Lattice”.
-Guneet, 1 year

Recent Hire Kim

“I joined Lattice straight from college and am really impressed with how much they value the importance of personal development in this stage of our young careers. Being part of a rotation program allows for me to be constantly learning new things while working on life changing products.”
-Kim, 5 months

The Inside Scoop – Here’s what our interns have to say:

Intern Caleb

“The professionalism displayed at Lattice is already helping form me and prepare me for a future in the field of electrical engineering, regardless of where that may be. The experience and knowledge I’m gaining during this period is completely invaluable and cannot be quantified in its usefulness.”
-Caleb, Summer Intern

Intern Stacia

“I enjoy being able to apply what I’ve learned in school to real life situations. Another aspect that I enjoy about Lattice was the work environment and the people. Lattice is very welcoming and others are willing to lend a helping hand when needed.”
-Stacia, Summer Intern

Intern Zach

“Even just a few weeks in, this internship has helped me confirm that I’m on the right path with my career. Not only is the work itself a perfect balance between computer and hand-on work, but the field is so diverse that you can learn something new every day.”
-Zach, Summer Intern